About Company

Danesh Bonyan Fara Pishtaz Honam Rubber Industries Company was established as the largest producer of rubber parts in the south of the country with Fararab brand since 2003 with the aim of producing various types of rubber parts. In the rubber industry, attracting large domestic and overseas markets in the water and wastewater industry, automotive, construction, home appliances, road and transportation (rail transport), urban planning, oil, gas and petrochemical, power plant, steel and other industries Has done.
In recent years, the company has purchased the largest extruder line with a capacity of 600 kg per hour with macro cooking system from the German company Cross Mafia, as the first company with the mentioned line in the Middle East and Turkey, and due to the high quality of its products compared to other competitors. Has been able to export a large volume of its products to Turkey and Romania, which, taking into account the European region of these countries and the required international standards, all relevant approvals have been obtained.

ararab products based on natural and synthetic elastomers including natural rubber (NR), EPDM, butyl (IIR), nitrile (NBR), neoprene (CR), polyurethane (PU), Vyton VITON, SBR, BR, silicon, Teflon (PTFE) is produced with different physical and mechanical properties. In the field of management and quality standards, the company has succeeded in obtaining ISO9001: 2015, ISO 10002: 2014, ISO 10004: 2012, ISO 14001: 2015 ISO, OHSAS 18001: 2007, HSE-MS, the top knowledge-based company in the field of parts production. Nanocomposite rubber and obtaining nanoscale certification from the Vice President for Science and Technology of the Special Staff for Nanotechnology Development from the Presidential Institution, has been awarded the four-star Certificate of Excellence in the Petrochemical Industry Excellence Award and the National Standard of Iran 7491-1 from the National Standards Organization of Iran.


The company’s product lines are as follows:

1. Press production lines (including hydraulic, pneumatic and injection presses)
2. Extruded production line (in order to produce all kinds of strip parts using macro cooking system)
3. Calender production line (in order to produce all kinds of sheets and rubber conveyor belts)
4. Autoclave production line (in order to make all kinds of rollers and special rubber parts)
5. Production line of granular flooring and shock absorbing sheets
Control tests on all products:


Control tests on all products:

1. More than 42 raw material tests
2. Tensile strength, elongation, wear, creep, stress relief, compressive strength, wear, joint points, stiffness